The Original Script

Where It All Started

We have a rich history designing Whistler performance fashions. Our founder Drew was drawn to Whistler in the mid-80s where he established a locally-engaged silkscreen art studio in the Village. Over the next twenty years, Drew and his team created original Artwear and technical gear under the Snomotion Whistler brand. With our rebirth as SNO Whistler and the addition of Drew’s sons Alexander and Matthew to the team, we are taking this old-school experience into the future with a revived sense of style and purpose.

  • Simple Natural Outdoors

    SNO Whistler is a local design house creating luxury Whistlerwear. Our mission is to create quality products which provide stylish comfort and function, support a healthful lifestyle, and respect our natural world.

    Our collections are designed for those who seek innovative and sophisticated pieces that match the way they live their fully-engaged lives. Our pieces are carefully crafted with the finest materials and attention to detail, ensuring both style and functionality for our customers.

  • Environmental Governance

    Early Whistlerites naturally embraced a disciplined environmental approach to daily life. Our founding team echoed this with recycling initiatives and the use of natural fabrics and dyes in production activities.

    Today we are building upon this history by sourcing sustainable fabrics and packaging, employing ethical production partners, and taking the initial steps to B Corp certification. We are currently investing in CO₂ removal and have plans to expand our climate-related programs through our sister foundation