As a snosport mecca, Whistler is on the front lines of climate change and we’ve been witnessing the impacts here for some time. It’s becoming clearer each day how human activity is affecting our planet.

SNO Whistler is committed to taking verifiable action. We’ve established, a non-profit foundation where a portion of our profits will be invested in solutions to reverse climate change. Our goal is simple; to help ensure our planet’s good health recovers and endures for future generations.

To begin our campaign, we are investing in CO₂ removal through Climeworks, a world leader in CO₂ air capture technology.

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of CO2 and counting...


Climeworks filters and concentrates CO₂ directly from the air and relays it to their partner Carbfix. Carbfix then transports the CO₂ deep underground where it reacts with basalt rock through a natural geological process, transforming it safely into stone for long-term storage.